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Why Additional Service

Additional cleaning service is performed to enhance your cleaning experience. In domestic cleaning we include all types of cleaning services in bathroom, kitchen, windows, drawers, cabinets and so on. Additional cleaning service is a personalized service done by request. If the customer is willing to polish the stubborn scars or want to scrub the bathroom tiles or want to add more upholstery cleaning. This gives you deeper clean service with extra charge. Well money doesn’t matters if you want to make your apartment, office looks immaculately beautiful.

Well everyone wants to make their homes, buildings, offices and apartments pristine like it builds new. We provide an instant solution for cleaning your homes. We are here to serve you end of lease cleaning, builder’s cleaning, office cleaning, domestic cleaning and so many more. In additional cleaning you have to ask for the proposal of extra cleaning. For example in kitchen appliances like fridge, oven and other electric appliances the outside cleaning is necessary but the deeper inside cleaning is not mentioned. So if the customer wants to deep clean those electronic appliances they have to surcharge for that extra cleaning services.

Extra Cleaning Service Includes
  • Wall marks cleaning if more than spot marks
  • Windows cleaning from outside
  • Mould cleaning
  • Scrubbing floors
  • Rubbish remove
  • Fridge cleaning
  • Garage cleaning
  • moving boxes and furniture
  • Make up the room changing linens on the bed
  • smooth cleaning on electric equipments
  • Mould Cleaning

The More You Want the More We Do with Smile

For sure you will not need this after using our cleaning service. But we put your request on our heads. We are bound to our duties. Our professional cleaners can help you in additional cleaning. You want to perform more cleaning in greasy and oily windows or ovens. The more you will request the more willing we will do it. It is just because we want to quench the thirst of spotless home. You can take obligation from us to get the quote for extra cleaning.

Makes Your Errands Stress Free

Our team mainly focuses on general cleaning as it makes your housekeeping jobs stress free. You have pets and kids and it is impossible for us to restrict on painting walls, spreading mess on carpets. The housecleaning service helps you in doing this job for you. If you have a passion for cleaning, you can get the extensive experience of spotless home using this service. The additional cleaning is a last stage after cleaning. If house owner does not satisfy with wall marks remove, paint remove or rubbish remove, they can ask for extra cleaning. This cleaning is done with extra charge. But don’t worry it is nominal. We are here to give you complete satisfaction after we leave your home or office.

With a single objective of 100% satisfaction we run our organization. We meet all types of needs in cleaning for homes, end of lease, offices and newly build apartments and so on. So if you are interested in joining us please send your request for a free quote. we will provide you the cheapest rates possible with best quality cleaning services.