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Our end of lease cleaning services

End of lease cleaning services are specifically designed to see you have left the place in a good condition. Your lease has come to an end and now you have to vacant the space. It is a liability of tenant to handover the property in a well maintained and professionally cleaned form. Well, moving into new land is a stress so it won’t worth if you attempt it on your own. So throw all your worries on us. Our high-end solution of tenancy cleaning comes with bond back guarantee. If you or home owner are not satisfied with our services you can ask us to organize  re-clean the space again.

Everyone wants to live in the clean home. We cater all types of cleaning services to make you feel happy when you are leaving the rented apartment. Ours have a good strength of highly professional staff, well trained with all types of modern cleaning equipments.

Kitchen cleaning
  • Oven clean in and out detail
  • Cook top polish and burners scrub
  • Range hood filters clean and polish
  • Kitchen flashback clean and scrub
  • Windows clean from inside and dust skirting, clean of blinds
  • All cupboards and drovers clean in and out with door handles
  • Sink scrub and polish
  • Bench top scrub and polish
  • Vacuum and mop in kitchen throughout
  • Spot clean of walls
Bathrooms cleaning
  • Shower tiles, grouts and glasses scrub and wipe down
  • Bathtub scrub and wipe down
  • Exhaust fan clean
  • Spot clean of walls
  • All cupboards and drovers clean in and out
  • Mirror clean
  • Vanity clean
  • Bench top clean
  • Toilets scrub and clean
  • Windows from inside and dust free of blinds
  • Wipe down tiles throughout in bathroom
  • Vacuum and mop throughout
  • Clean skirting
  • Doors clean
  • Spot clean of walls
Toilets clean
  • Clean all toilets
  • Dusting, vacuum, switches clean and mope throughout
  • Light bulb dust
  • Door clean
  • Clean skirting
  • Spot clean of wall marks
Bedrooms clean
  • Vacuum carpet and mop in wooden throughout
  • Dusting ages, scatting and windows inside clean and dust clean of blinds
  • All cupboards and drovers dust free and wipe down
  • All switches, door handles and light bulb clean
  • Clean skirting
  • Spot clean walls
Wardrobes clean
  • Cupboards and drovers clean and dust free in and out
  • Dusting, vacuum of carpet
  • Switches and door clean
  • Clean skirting
  • Spot walls clean
Lounge clean
  • Vacuum, mop and dusting
  • Windows from inside, dust blinds and switches clean
  • All surfaces and skating dust free and wipe down
  • Light bulb clean
  • Doors clean
  • Clean skirting
  • Spot wall marks clean